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Wellgo Pedals Corp. 維格工業股份有限公司


Today is 19,Sep,2018
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Pedal R146R ROAD
Pedal R146R ROAD
Pedal R146R ROADPedal R146R ROADPedal R146R ROAD
Pedal R146R ROAD Enlarge image
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Brand: Wellgo
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: N/A
Total Quantity: N/A
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2017-11-22 17:58
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BODY : Aluminum / ED black or painted color, Magnesium / Painted color


BEARING : DU / Sealed

SIZE : 85 * 86 * 32 mm

OPTION : Sealed bearing version as R146

       WEIGHT: AL:310g/pr ;  MG:266g/pr

* Dual-sided with patent bending platform shape, simple elegant and lightweight design.
* Grease hole design to provide users to maintain pedal for the best condition.